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DETOX Face & Body Wash

DETOX Face & Body Wash

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Activated charcoal acts as a magnet, drawing out impurities, toxins, and excess oil from your pores, leaving your skin feeling deeply cleansed and revitalized. Tea tree oil, known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, works to combat acne-causing bacteria and soothe irritation, promoting a clearer complexion.

Invigorate your senses with the cooling sensation of peppermint oil, which refreshes and revitalizes tired skin while leaving behind a subtle, uplifting aroma. Lavender oil adds a touch of calming luxury, helping to balance oil production and soothe inflammation, making it perfect for sensitive or troubled skin.

With regular use, our Activated Charcoal Detox Face and Body Wash will leave your skin feeling purified, refreshed, and free from breakouts, giving you the confidence to face the day with a radiant, clear complexion.

✔️Designed to deep cleanse, clarify, and detoxify the pores

✔️ Anti-Breakouts 

🍃Vegan Friendly